Horniman Museum and Garden’s

Natural history museum and aquarium

The Horniman Museum and Gardens is a prime example that not everything awesome is in Central London. The Horniman Museum is a free attraction housing a wide collection of natural history specimens originally started by Frederick John Horniman whilst on his journeys during the 1860s. Housing a natural history collection including the famous gigantic stuffed walrus (with his own twitter account) a stuffed dodo and many fossils and musical instruments.

The Horniman Museum also come with an acclaimed aquarium, created with kids in mind, and hosts temporary exhibitions for an additional price. The award winning 16 acres Horniman gardens overlooking London is also a lovely place to enjoy and if you’re lucky enough to have good weather, a picnic would work a treat .

Check the website for the latest up to date information about current temporary exhibits and events.

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  1. My son and I made a special trip to the Horniman Museum for the special Dinosaur exhibit as my son is totally crazy about Dinosaurs. Although it wasn’t part of the free part of the museum, it was totally worth it as it wasn’t a crowded as some tourist hotspots. My son also enjoyed the interactive activities and was a little paleontologists as he dug amongst the rubber pieces to reveal dinosaur eggs and bones.

    We also enjoyed the gardens, playing with the musical instruments and looking at the flowers and views…a must for a picnic. 😉

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